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Donna Cornell
Donna Cornell, Senator Larkin
Donna Cornell, Ed Diana

As a motivational speaker, advocate and community leader, Donna Cornell has dedicated her life to helping the advancement of women in leadership roles. A successful entrepreneur, she created an educational series titled, “The Power of the Woman Within,” as well as seminars, CDs and newsletters, captivating audiences nationwide, with her high-energy and inspiring message of success.

Her message now culminates in her latest book, “Conquering the Life Balance Hoax - One Woman’s Journey from Despair to Millionaire.” In this book written especially for women, Donna shatters the myth that women can ever truly lead a “balanced” life. Instead, using her own life experiences as examples, she offers advice on how she created a life filled with happiness and success.

Her Counterbalance philosophy teaches women a more positive way to approach their lives, how to make wise choices, and introduces communication as a powerful tool to enhance her life at work and at home.

With Donna’s advice, say goodbye to stress, stop chasing the elusive balance and instead take this road to discovery, finding strength to implement strategies to take your life to the next level. This book is like having Donna as a personal mentor, and is a must have for any woman looking for more joy and success in their lives.

This book aims to help you create the life that is best for You by no longer following someone else’s agenda and creating your life of peace and happiness. You will learn about the steps I took to become a millionaire, but this is not simply a book about how to make more money. Becoming a millionaire was certainly a goal for me that I achieved several times over, but living happily, peacefully, surrounded by love was my ultimate goal. I did it and I will help  you identify the path that will bring you happiness.