donna cornell
Donna Cornell

As a motivational speaker, career guru, and successful entrepreneur Donna Cornell recognized that her career and life counseling skills, supported by her lifetime unique knowledge, have helped people make remarkable changes in their lives, so Donna continues to offer counseling and speaking services nationwide.

She offers workshops and sessions, both in person and virtual, on a topics that include Job Searching in Pandemic Times, Conquering the Life Balance Hoax and business programs including, but not limited to, Reshaping the Workplace and Workforce, Avoiding Hiring Mistakes, Managing a Remote Workforce, Bottom Line Management and more.

Having worked with companies such as Avon, SONY, Alcoa, Metallized Carbon, MPI, Schott and more, Donna has a wealth of how to knowledge and has created sessions addressing the changes companies will experience as they re-emerge in business during a time when we are forced to undergo radical changes to the way that we live and the way that we do business. Her workshops content has been created through her own business experiences, her extensive research sharing wisdom from highly qualified resources nationwide and can be customized to include nationally recognized guests.
From Basement to Multi-Millionaire: She founded her first recruitment firm in the basement of an office building with one employee and built the organization to entail eight offices in four states, a multi-million dollar operation successfully impacting the lives and businesses of others.

Her compelling story of overcoming tragedies as a young woman, culminating in a life of happiness and success is one to embrace as it can instill motivation to remarkable change in your audience.

Get to know her more in this video.