Job Searching In Pandemic Times

Donna Cornell authored Conquering the Life-Balance Hoax: One Woman’s Journey from Despair to Millionaire and in 2020 released, Job Searching In Pandemic Times.

During Cornell’s 20+ years running firms in the recruitment and search industry, she led her organization to consistently exceed industry standards. Nationally, when the hiring ratios were 6 to 1 (meaning that it took six referrals and interviews of candidates for someone to be hired), Cornell’s organization had ratios of two to one. With 8 offices in 4 states her company excelled at successfully placing top talent with a wide variety of national clients. She firmly believes achieving those statistics was because of the in-depth insider’s approach and coaching direction given to the candidates before they went on an interview. She shares those strategies in this book. While indeed a successful entrepreneur, Donna has blended her accomplishments and talents with a devotion to help others.  Her community volunteerism has generated national recognition for her “above and beyond” accomplishments.

She dedicated the first half of 2020 to writing the Job Searching in Pandemic Times book with a mission to help the millions who have been negatively impacted by job loss during these stressful times.

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