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How To Find A Job During The Pandemic

By Donna Cornell

  1. What you need to change to enhance virtual interviewing techniques – In today’s world, virtual or video interviewing is going to increase substantially, and it requires a distinct set of skills and approach to differentiate yourself as a candidate and get to the next level.
  2. Identify and showcase your worth in this realigned world – Create a resume that positions you to stand out from the crowd by highlighting your value against the needs of prospective employers in these ever-changing times.
  3. Successfully navigate robotic searching software – Get your resume in the hands of a hiring manager. What you need to know to avoid getting lost in Applicant tracking systems.
  4. Review and reset your own needs as you begin your job search – The book includes sections on self-analysis, introspection and assessing the type of position they may realistically find in this new world.
  5. Identify the industry sectors of growth – Identify areas primed for growth for the long-haul to continue long-term employment.


Donna Cornell authored Conquering the Life-Balance Hoax: One Woman’s Journey from Despair to Millionaire and is currently completing her next book, Job Searching In Pandemic Times. During Cornell’s 20+ years running firms in the recruitment and search industry, she consistently exceeds industry standards. Nationally, when the hiring ratios were 6 to 1 ( meaning that it took six referrals and interviews of candidates for someone to be hired), Cornell’s organization had ratios of two to one. With 8 offices in 4 states her company excelled at successfully placing top talent with a wide variety of national clients. She firmly believes it was because of the coaching given to the candidates before they went on an interview and shares those strategies in this book.